PBR Texture Creation Tutorial Series

Learn how to create your own PBR textures for free. Check out the roadmap for more details.

Different PBR Map Types Explained

After a brief introduction to how surfaces and shaders work, you're gonna find out what the most common types of PBR textures do.

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Creating PBR Textures From Start to Finish

Get to know the entire process of creating good textures: Shooting a surface, stiching the resulting images together and then creating tileabe PBR maps.

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Creating PBR Textures With Photogrammetry Software

Find out how to 3D scan a material and create a PBR texture out of it.edit them using Meshroom and Substance Painter.

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Shooting PBR Leaf Textures

Learn how to set up your own little photo studio to shoot leaf double-sided textures and then edit them to get various PBR maps.

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