How to Make Procedural Mountains in Blender 2.78+

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create procedural mountains in Blender 2.78+. We're gonna use the micro-polygonal displacement, adaptive subdivisions & many nodes.




Quick Resume:

Start simple by adding a plane.

Set the feature set to Experimental.

Create a new material and set the displacement type to true.

Create a Gradient Texture with the style of the color blending set to "Quadratic sphere" in the Node Editor and plug it into the bump socket. Multiply the texture with a Math Node. Press Tab twice to update the viewports render.

Displace the texture coordinates with a noise texture. Increase the Detail.

Add an additional level of detail by adding in another procedural texture. Repeat this step until you have enough detail.

For even more detail, plug our texture into the Height socket of a Bump Node and connect it to the Normal of our Diffuse BSDF.

Add a MixRGB node with Color 1 set to a nice rock texture and Color 2 set to a snowy white.

For the mask, add a Geometry Node and separate the Z value from the Normal info. Now you have created a mask for mixing between the snow areas and the rock areas. The bright parts of the mask represent the faces pointing upwards (covered with snow), the darker parts represent the faces pointing to the side (not covered with snow).

Increase the contrast of the mask by adding in a Color Ramp node.

Create a more jagged look with another noise texture.

Plug the grayscale mask into the factor of the MixRGB node.

For the lighting, set up a sun lamp and add a sky texture as world background. Optionally you can also use an HDRI environment map from

Render it and use a nice photo from Pixabay as a background image.

Do some minor color adjustments and export the image by hitting F3.

Publish it on Twitter and use #cgbGallery to get featured in the community gallery.

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