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dorianz - About

Hi, I’m Dorian Zgraggen, the guy behind cgbookcase.com.

As you probably know, I create free PBR textures.

PBR stands for “physically based rendering”, which means that the textures not only consist of one image but of multiple ones.

These different types of images are called maps. The different maps tell the render engine information about the material.

All the textures are licensed as CC0, which means you can do anything with them.

You can use them for commercial as well as non-commercial projects, you can publish & sell them as part of a 3d model on Turbosquid or you can even resell the textures on their own. You can also share them with your friends. You can literally do anything with them. Plus, you don’t even have to give credit.

I add twelve new textures every other week (usually on Friday), which you can find on the downloads page.

Creating textures takes a lot of time – you have to wait for good weather conditions, shoot the textures, make them tileable and create the different maps. If you have a few dollars left and want to support me creating textures, you can do that on my Patron page.

My goals with this website are to produce a free library of high-quality textures and to help people learn blender (which is why I also do tutorials).

Currently, I’m only creating textures, but I’m looking forward to starting doing tutorials again in late summer 2018.

For shooting the textures, I use a Sony a58 and a tripod by Manfrotto. For editing them, I use RawTherapee, AutoStich, Affinity Photo and Substance B2M.

Special Thanks

Thanks so much to the super cool people sponsoring the textures via Patreon:

  • StruffelProductions
  • Irrgeist
  • Ryan Cassidy
  • Koos
  • Y-Phil
  • migenius
  • Andrew LeTourneau
  • Kimba
  • Mark Rodgers
  • PaulR
  • Hugo Locurcio
  • Arthur Hook
  • Kowbell
  • Cadellin
  • Jaume Castells Carles
  • Antonio Ripa
  • Tim Arthur
  • Michael Szalapski
  • Blind Bird
  • Iacopo Giannini
  • Ross Allen
  • Ali Al-Khalifa
  • Michele Larini
  • David Puetter

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