Hi there!

dorianz - AboutI’m Dorian Zgraggen, the guy behind cgbookcase.com. I started this website in October 2016 just to share some textures and 3d models I made for my own projects.

Back then, the site got very little attention, but I kept uploading stuff because it wasn’t that much of an extra effort. At that time the textures only contained a color map, a height map, and a normal map.

A few months later, without really thinking about it, I wrote a short article for Blendernation just to promote cgbookcase.com a tiny bit. (The text got edited by Bart, the founder of BlenderNation, because it sounded too much like marketing copy. 😛)

That was when I realized, that people are in need of free textures: In only 24 hours, a few hundred people visited the site and downloaded the textures and 3d models almost ten thousand times.

statsofoldcgb - About
Most of the users downloaded all the textures and 3d models and never came back – I should have added an email opt-in form.

A few days after the post, the number of visitors of this site almost dropped back to 0. Then I started to learn some things about running a website. I switched from Squarespace to WordPress, to make it easier for people to download the textures, started an email list and made the textures fit into a physically based rendering (PBR) workflow.

My goals with this website are to produce a free library of high-quality textures and to help people learn blender (which is why I also do a few tutorials). Currently, I’m working on an ebook on how to create photorealistic renders, which I hope will help me reach my goal of having 1,000 email subscribers by Jun 2018. (We’re currently at a bit over 500.

For shooting the textures, I use a Sony a58 and a tripod by Manfrotto. For editing them, I use RawTherapee, Affinity Photo and Substance B2M.